Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KPC?
    Kenaf Polymer Composite (KPC) is a composite technology using kenaf, plastic resin and a number of additives. The product is manufactured using plastic extrusion technology specifically designed for manufacturing natural fibre based composite materials.

  • What is the key element in KPC Profiles?
    Kenaf is the key element in KPC Profiles. Kenaf is a natural fibre that offers better strength and rigidity to KPC profiles. It has been identified as a sustainable non wood plant.

  • Why can KPC be considered as a green technology product?
    The high percentage of Kenaf qualifies KPC as a green technology product. Furthermore KPC is recyclable. By producing and offering more KPC Profiles to the market, we will prevent more wood from being cut down hence reduce deforestation.

  • What are the advantages that KPC Profiles offer that make it a better choice for wall and ceiling paneling?
    KPC is anti termites, water resistant, non toxic product, and resistive to rots and cracks. KPC Profiles has many advantages to offer and is increasingly becoming a choice for a greener wall and ceiling.

  • Why KPC Profiles should be considered as the alternative choice for home décor?
    KPC Profiles present a different experience due to its uniqueness, affordability and aesthetic values. KPC also offers wood feeling and provides cooler ambience to the room.

  • Where are KPC Profiles installed?
    KPC Profiles can be installed anywhere in the house as wall feature or ceiling panel. Due to its homogenous properties and lightweight, it can bend into certain degree of curve hence creating a different design and concept altogether.

  • How much does it cost to install a KPC Profiles
    Our price is competitive and affordable. Please contact us personally to discuss the details. You may call our office our just email to us.

  • How many colours do KPC Profiles come with?
    KPC Profiles comes with 4 set of colours that emulate natural wood colours. they are Pecan, Walnut, Nyatoh and Beech. There are more colours to come.

  • What tests have KPC undertaken to prove its capability as an alternative to wood and plaster ceiling?
    Rigorous testing with TUV has proven that KPC Profiles does not contain any toxic substance making it suitable for use in home interior. Therefore it fits to complement Plaster Ceiling and Wood as alternative green product.

  • Why Kenaf Shoppe should be your choice?
    We design, supply and install for each individual needs. We have teams of experience designers and installers that work closely with the clients. We also have our Contractor Outsourcing Programme. For further details please email us.