Kenaf Polymer Composite

Dayham panels are viable alternatives to plastic composites. Fibres obtained from the Kenaf plant has been proven as an outstanding reinforcing filler in thermo-plastic composites. It is also a substitute for fibre-glass substitute in molded plastic. The properties of Kenaf combined with our experties makes it a sustainable green material for buildings and industrial applications.

2013 Products

Advantages over wood

  • Kenaf material has been successfully used in place of wood powder to make Dayham panels profiles and product.
  • Kenaf application is an alternative for wood-based application. Since it is a short term fibre crop, no forest will be cut for use as timber, thus preventing the degradation of natural resources.
  • Dayham panels are superior to Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) in that the former has a long fiber compared to WPC, giving better strength and rigidity to the products.
  • Can be worked like wood using current tools and fastening techniques.
  • Resists insects, providing inherently longer life than wood.

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